Article Writing
3 Best Order Fulfillment Services for Shopify

Researched and wrote an article about fulfillment services.

Article Writing
Wicks Candle Co.

A Golfer’s Destination Guide to Pebble Beach

Research and wrote a destination guide to Pebble Beach.

Article Writing
11 Best Women’s Nike Shoes for Walking

Researched and wrote SEO optimized article on best walking shoes for women. (See long term positions for similar articles.)

Article Writing
What You Need to Know about London Self Storage

Researched and wrote an article about storage space in London.

Article Writing
7 Essential Fall Lawn Care Tips for Virginia Lawns

Researched and wrote an article about lawn care.

Article Writing
Create a Baby Website with These Easy Online Builders

Researched and wrote an article about website builders.

Article Writing
Here’s Why Everyone Loves Seedy

Wrote a review of a new Cannabis app.

Article Writing
Everything You Need to Know About Baby Formula

Researched and wrote an article about baby formula targeted to new parents.

Article Writing
Everything You Need to Know About Baby Wipes

Researched and wrote an article about baby wipes targeted to new parents.

Editing Copy
Top Accues Alternatives for Product Onboarding and Growth

Helped client revise copy for clarity.

Editing Copy
Hired by client who worked in shipping and logistics

Reviewed and revised copy for a client interested in boosting sales. I edited sales sequencing scripts for phone, email and LinkedIn connections.

Editing Copy
Hired by client to review and edit internal communications

Revised and edit copy for a client who was launching a campaign to boost employees charitable giving.

Long Term Projects

Curriculum Writing

Research and write original chapters for Penn Foster’s World History course curriculum. Create glossaries, formative and summative assessments to supplement the course curriculum.

Newsletter and Web Copy

Write weekly articles for Tour Angle’s newly launched website. Serve as editor of weekly newsletter promoting content and products for Tour Angle.

Edventures! An entertaining educational blog by Edcellerate

Create weekly blog content geared toward school aged teachers, parents and students for Edcellerate. Source photos and upload blogs in CMS.

Articles and Product Reviews

Research and write SEO optimized articles about the best sneakers on the market for a variety of consumers. Articles are based on company provided rankings of shoes in various categories.

Blog Posts

Write blog posts for various DIY projects for lifestyle website.

Newsletter and Copywriting

Copyedit and write various articles, blog posts, newsletter items and advertisements for mindfulness coach.