Covid Days, Covid Nights: Essay collection on life during a pandemic, Medium, March

On Being Excluded, Mothers Always Write, 15 May

The pandemic is an opportunity to reform education in the US: But are we letting it slip away?, Al Jazeera English, 1 September


Don’t Look Back, Romper, 24 July


Teaching my sons this Christmas that home isn’t just a place you visit. It’s a feeling., The Washington Post, 5 December

How to Keep Time, The Hellebore, 31 December


A Story for the Taking, Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog, 19 June

Challenging the Stereotypes of the Invisible Workload, Motherwell Magazine, 9 August

The Secret Garden, Mothers Always Write, 27 October

Finding Home, The Manifest Station, 24 December

Running While Tired, Huff Post, 26 December


The Beginner’s Guide to Singapore’s Mustafa Centre , The Finder Singapore, 14 January

10 things I learned as a teacher that helped me as a parent, The Washington Post, 16 February

What My Son’s Hair Taught Me About Parenting, Role Reboot, 31 March

The Trouble with Bernie Trump and Donald Sanders, Huff Post, 11 April

How to Face and Inbox of Rejection, Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog, 24 May

The Best Lesson My Grandmother Taught Me, Role Reboot, 15 July

My Sons Like Playing Guns: An American Confession, The Washington Post, 23 September

How Anne Lamott Helped This Woman Beat Writer’s Block, The Write Life, 7 December


What if I Don’t Treat my Kids Equally?, Huff Post, 6 February

When Your Best Could be Better, Huff Post, 6 February

Why My Children’s Baby Books Are Incomplete, Huff Post, 26 February

I Don’t Want to Raise ‘Gentlemen’, Huff Post, 23 March

The Space Between, Mamalode, 25 March

If a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words, What are One Thousand Pictures Worth?, Huff Post, 7 May

The Truth About Lying, Huff Post, 13 May

It Takes a Village, Huff Post, 24 May

7 Things I Learned About Life and Motherhood When I Went Back to Work, Huff Post, 11 June

Lessons on Motherhood From Betty Draper, Blunt Moms, 12 June

The Psychology of Being a Dependant, The Finder Singapore, 15 June

Why It’s Okay to Praise Our Kids, The Washington Post, 7 July

Durian Myths: “De-myth-tified”, The Finder Singapore, 15 July

How to Protect Your Kids from Cyberbullying in Singapore, The Finder, 18 September

What Will it Take to Move Us to Action?, Huff Post, 30 September

Why Do I Still Have Zits and Other Questions About Turning 40, Scary Mommy, 21 October

The Sum of a Life Well-Lived, Mamalode, 8 November

There is a War, But It’s Not on Christmas, Huff Post, 15 December


Two are a Gift, Mamalode, 21 July

If Toddlers Ruled the World, Mamapedia, 16 May

How I Became a Mother Who Still Breastfeeds her Toddler, Mamapedia, 27 October


Eight Ideas Worth Adopting from the Chinese, Expats Blog – 2013 Overall Contest Winner

Do Boys have to be All Boy? 

The Mommypage

Shanghai Family Magazine

Scary Mommy

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