Where the peacocks and the fishies play

We did end up taking that walk around the compound and snapped a few photos. So here is more of where we are living.

The “house” back there with the dog on it says, “Dog Toilet.” I think the dogs use it as much as Hunter uses the toilet. Never. But oh how we love talking about poop. Not sure who the little blue creature is or what they are saying but they sure look friendly.

The “copics.” (We can’t quite figure out how to say peacocks.) But Hunter is fond of shouting at them, “Eat your snack copics!,” “Go ni-nights copics!,” “Be good copics!” On very special days they flap there wings and jump into their window. Then Hunter asks me to make them do it again. Alas, I am not supermom after all.

Pretty copic

From the peacocks we make our way down this path to the koi pond. Clubhouse id straight ahead. There is a gym, an indoor pool and allegedly a restaurant (though we’ve never been).

If you are standing taking the picture above and then turn right, you get this end of the koi pond.

I’d like to tell you I come out in the early morning and enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee while relaxing on the benches below, contemplating the meaning of life. But in the interest of keeping this blog honest, early mornings generally find me smelling of fresh spit up, enjoying the smell of two, too full diapers, actively trying to stop Nolan from eating the stroller tires while watching Hunter “cook” breakfast on the other side of the room.

And then there is this in the pond. I think it’s shelter for some ducks that share the pond but they seem to prefer a set of rocks near the edge of the pond. Hunter thinks it’s a fish house.

There are actually alot of fish in the pond. There is an older gentleman with bad teeth who feeds them in the morning. (If you’ve been to China, that’s funny. It’s like if someone were visiting the US and trying to describe a guy at an amusement park saying, “the guy over there, the fat one.”) He seems to want to befriend Hunter, very much, but my sweet little boy just gives him the death stare. But every morning, the man tries again. Nolan smiles at him but I think the man can tell Nolan smiles at anything and everything.

The “kiddie pool.” Don’t let the appearance of water in this picture deceive you. The pool has been empty since we arrived. Apparently, the pond was leaking in the Spring and they had to drain it and the pool. They re-filled the pond but not the pool (so it was empty all summer). What you see in the picture is rain from the night before. Not that we mind. I posted a video on Hunter’s page to show you how we make the most of an empty pool.

You may have been wondering what those funny sail shades are in the pond area. They shade what is called “Fallow Island” – a very appropriate name as I’ve never seen anyone on the island.

Down this path (with tennis courts to the left)…

And follow the bumpy sidewalk (again, aesthetically pleasing but not fun in stroller), we’re almost there…

The “Wee!!!!” (Playgrounds, and more specifically, slides, are called “wees” in our house. Because yes, it is mandatory to yell, “weeee” as you slide down.) He doesn’t look nearly as excited as he was to be there.

We have a new favorite saying at The Mansion, “what’s that?”  Really it’s a question but about half the time we reference things we know. “What’s that? The T.V.” “What’s that? A bottle of water.” “What’s that? Nolan.” The other half of the time he asks about this sign:

“What’s that?” Oh, that’s the entrances and exits of the non-flexible garage. Duh.  I especially like the picture of the bicycle above what could easily be a ramp but are stairs.I don’t know where the flexible garage is but I’d like to see it.




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