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Week 52: One Year Later

It's been a year. Whether we should throw up some high fives because we survived or just throw up I'm not sure. I’ve read several reflections on the passing of our one year pandemic anniversary, but I'm not sure I'm ready for any kind of real reflection. I’ve learned that with any significant event, writing… Continue reading Week 52: One Year Later


Comfort and Joy

The long, dark nights seem kind of fitting right now as news of the pandemic worsens. We know there will be good news eventually but that first breath of spring feels too far off still.  We’ll spend another holiday shuttered up at home. We won’t go to any holiday open houses or meet for a… Continue reading Comfort and Joy


Week 37: Covid Thanksgiving

So, I have an embarrassing confession. After my melodramatic class picture lament, guess who got the email about scheduling class pictures? After hearing from many of you who actually couldn’t relate because you actually did get pictures, I guess I wasn’t all that shocked to learn my previous post was premature and unnecessary. Turns out… Continue reading Week 37: Covid Thanksgiving

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Week 33: Ode to School Pictures

Is it weird that of all the things I could be missing about this school year, one of the things I’m missing most is school pictures? It’s not like I don’t have tens of thousands of pictures of my kids. I do (and more). School pictures are not unique. They do not showcase gorgeous scenery,… Continue reading Week 33: Ode to School Pictures

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Week 26: 2AM Worries

Originally published September 14 on Medium Last weekend was hot. Not the heavy, sticky hot of an East Coast heat wave ­­ — where you know a thunderstorm will eventually tamp the humidity. The Southern California heat felt like an oven door left open, ready to burn what lies too close. The sun now casts… Continue reading Week 26: 2AM Worries

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Weeks Summer/Mid-Summer: What’s Worse? A Story.

Originally published July 20 on Medium Once upon a time there lived a family in a lovely village with lovely people. They enjoyed going to school and seeing their friends and playing outside. One winter, the family heard all sorts of rumors about an invisible bug that floated in the air and was making people… Continue reading Weeks Summer/Mid-Summer: What’s Worse? A Story.

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Weeks 12/13: Keep Trying

Originally published June 22 on Medium This week we drove to school to turn in some of the materials the kids shoved haphazardly in their book bags on March 13. We left the end-of-year drop off with a bag full of half used school supplies, hopeful paintings of scarecrows and snowmen, and a summer packet.… Continue reading Weeks 12/13: Keep Trying