Vote for Me!

Well, this is awkward. But…

As I mentioned, I submitted an entry into an expat blog contest. The topic was pretty general.  Basically, compile some sort of “top list” about your adopted home, or about being an expat, or some combination.

They obviously want to drive traffic to their website so to read (and hopefully “vote” for) mine, you have to follow the link below and leave a comment.

I know, you don’t like commenting, but that’s how you vote. And wait, it gets worse. Not only will you have to leave a comment over 10 words, you’ll also have to provide email verification. It’s totally a legit website, I swear.

And if you really want me to win the glory of winning some obscure contest, you can even share my post with your Facebook/Twitter friends!

(But sorry Mom and Dad, you can’t stuff the ballot.  They only allow one comment per person per entry.)

Now hurry over to Expats Blogs, read my fascinating entry, enter your email and write a comment. Simple. Easy. And very much appreciated!

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