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All Boy

I read an article recently about things only moms of boys would understand. I have 2 sons and no daughters. Some things made me laugh. Others made me a little confused. I often hear mothers who have at least a boy and a girl talk about how different they are – in the stereotypical way – boys are rowdy and rambunctious and girls are more calm and apt to sit still. And yes, these stereotypes exist for a reason and there are lots and lots of boys and girls who fit neatly into their stereotypical blue and pink boxes.

But there are plenty who don’t.

This week I’m talking about gender stereotyping and kids over at Shanghai Family magazine. Click over, read, discuss.

3 thoughts on “All Boy”

  1. The last couple of sentences are not only true, but they are well said in beautiful prose. Kathleen always finds some important, but usually taken for granted subject and really gives you pause to ponder and sit up and take notice and think about what YOU truly think about her little vignettes. Great job.


  2. I despise the term “all boy”. Since my first boy started making any decisions for himself people have tried to put that phrase onto him, I squashed it. No one says that about my second boy. I can’t wait to see who they become…


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