What I Learned About Life and Motherhood When I Went Back to Work

It's helped me to see that the role of mother isn't weighted differently depending on circumstances. Having 4 kids doesn't make you more of a mother than having 1. Working at home doesn't make you more of a mother than working in an office. Presence doesn't always equal the amount of hours you are present.

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When your “best” could be better

A few months ago, Glennon Melton of Momastery (of which I am a big fan) posted a message about treating ourselves with grace. She wrote, “Today – when we lose our temper with the kids, when we accidentally eat that third brownie, when we don’t send that thank you card for the fortieth day in… Continue reading When your “best” could be better

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Another trip around the sun. Another year over and a new one just begun. Another year closer to the end my friends. No wait, scratch that. New Year's is supposed to be light and beginning. Refreshing and positive. Let me start again. I've been blogging for three years now. Aside from making me realize that of… Continue reading 2015


Adventures in Baking with Kids

Call it a momentary lapse in judgement. Call it the rainy season. Call it crazy. But this week, the boys and I have been doing a little baking. I'm not much of a baker. They are very eager. They have had fun but for me, it kind of felt like getting doughed and floured (the less… Continue reading Adventures in Baking with Kids


How I Became a Mom Who Still Breastfeeds her Toddler

I don't fancy myself some hippie chick, though I really wish I was. I wish I made granola from scratch and mixed up my own organic deodorant. I wish I composted my garbage and my closet was filled with stylishly chic, long, flowing, flowery skirts. But alas, my cabinets are filled with canned soups, boxed… Continue reading How I Became a Mom Who Still Breastfeeds her Toddler

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The Help

Having domestic help in Asia is the norm. Unlike the US, where domestic help is the stuff of sit-coms poking fun at the rich or tabloid fodder for how out of touch celebrities are with their help, in Asia, helpers can be found in any middle class home. It is part of the culture. Some… Continue reading The Help


Why do I still have “blemishes”? (And other problems that we’re supposed to outgrow)

I'm pushing 40 years old. "WHAT?!? But girl, you're so hip and so youthful and look (or I imagine you look)  sooo young," you say. I know, I know. But it's true. Forty. Years. Old. I can hardly believe it too. It's around this time people stop to take stock, to impart the lessons they've learned… Continue reading Why do I still have “blemishes”? (And other problems that we’re supposed to outgrow)