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Week 33: Ode to School Pictures

Is it weird that of all the things I could be missing about this school year, one of the things I’m missing most is school pictures? It’s not like I don’t have tens of thousands of pictures of my kids. I do (and more). School pictures are not unique. They do not showcase gorgeous scenery,… Continue reading Week 33: Ode to School Pictures

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Week 26: 2AM Worries

Originally published September 14 on Medium Last weekend was hot. Not the heavy, sticky hot of an East Coast heat wave ­­ — where you know a thunderstorm will eventually tamp the humidity. The Southern California heat felt like an oven door left open, ready to burn what lies too close. The sun now casts… Continue reading Week 26: 2AM Worries

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A Moment of Living in the Moment

Besides hearing that Singapore is "Asia-light," the other most common thing people would comment about is the heat. Singapore is hot! All year long! Really hot! You don't get a break! It's the same - hot, hot, hot - all year long. Hot. "Do you think you will like that?" Wait...are we moving to the… Continue reading A Moment of Living in the Moment