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Week 52: One Year Later

It's been a year. Whether we should throw up some high fives because we survived or just throw up I'm not sure. I’ve read several reflections on the passing of our one year pandemic anniversary, but I'm not sure I'm ready for any kind of real reflection. I’ve learned that with any significant event, writing… Continue reading Week 52: One Year Later


Death by Legos

The Legos are going to kill me. Or someone in our family. Or all of us. My kids are 4 and almost 3. They should be playing with Duplo blocks - large, easy to manage, easy to spot. But they're not interested. They want the Legos. The itsy bitsy colorful death squares. Have you seen… Continue reading Death by Legos


Lessons on Preschool, the Internet and Writing

When I went to pick my youngest up from school, the teacher's report included a story about their reading circle. She was reading a book about animals to the class and asked the kids what kind of animal they wanted to be. All of the kids started shouting out animals. All of the kids except for… Continue reading Lessons on Preschool, the Internet and Writing


Why do I still have “blemishes”? (And other problems that we’re supposed to outgrow)

I'm pushing 40 years old. "WHAT?!? But girl, you're so hip and so youthful and look (or I imagine you look)  sooo young," you say. I know, I know. But it's true. Forty. Years. Old. I can hardly believe it too. It's around this time people stop to take stock, to impart the lessons they've learned… Continue reading Why do I still have “blemishes”? (And other problems that we’re supposed to outgrow)

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The Realities of Moving

We are officially moved out of Shanghai. I'm not sure how to gauge when we are officially "moved in" to Singapore, but I'm sure it's not yet. We are currently living a hotel. A very nice hotel, but a hotel nonetheless. It gives you the feeling of being on vacation but you're not. This coupled with… Continue reading The Realities of Moving

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Moving Lessons

We've spent the past few weeks here organizing our lives in Shanghai, in an effort to move our bodies, hearts and minds to Singapore. As with any big change, it's caused me to pause and reflect (or that's just what happens when you're living in a nearly empty apartment).  I'm not sure anything below will… Continue reading Moving Lessons