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Weeks 6/7: Balancing Act

Originally published May 7 This week there’s been a quiet buzz, barely perceptible but impossible to ignore — like a scent you can’t place, or a piece of grass grazing your leg, or a hint of cinnamon in a chocolate chip cookie. Our beaches have partially opened (no chairs, no blankets, no sunbathing; yes surfing, yes… Continue reading Weeks 6/7: Balancing Act

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Searching for Grey in a Black and White World

“This is lovely writing but I’m afraid it’s a little too quiet for us.” The “us” was a popular and well-respected website. I was happy of course, to have a personal response from the busy editor but it still stung, as rejections do. Yet, as is almost always the case, the editor was exactly right.… Continue reading Searching for Grey in a Black and White World


Words to Stop Using to Make America Great Again

It's been a while since I've published an old-fashioned blog post. This one's just for you, loyal reader, who is still here after my long silences. I will not shop it to another site. I will not try to make some universal point about love, kids, relationships, etc. I simply ask that you take a moment and reflect… Continue reading Words to Stop Using to Make America Great Again


My first (and probably last) post ever on politics

I've never posted anything blatantly political before because, quite frankly, politics is depressing. It's divisive. It's complicated. And I usually don't follow it closely enough to feel like I can form a truly educated opinion. But the US primaries are different. You can't not read about it. You can't watch and feel indifferent.

So, ignoring my usual inclination (and probably better judgement) to keep my beliefs to myself, I went ahead and wrote the following.