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Searching for Grey in a Black and White World

“This is lovely writing but I’m afraid it’s a little too quiet for us.” The “us” was a popular and well-respected website. I was happy of course, to have a personal response from the busy editor but it still stung, as rejections do. Yet, as is almost always the case, the editor was exactly right.… Continue reading Searching for Grey in a Black and White World


Busy, busy, busy

I've been busy. Busy entering some expat blog contest. What's worse than a dime-a-dozen expat with a blog? A dime-a-dozen expat with a blog thinking they should win a contest! They are awarding prizes based on the number of comments made on your entry. As you can see from all the comments on this blog,… Continue reading Busy, busy, busy



All you hipsters out there are familiar with #whitepeopleproblems.* Those who are arguably less hip...essentially, white people problems are non-problems. From Urban Dictionary: a. Events or situations which are deemed overly taxing to only white people.b. non-issues and scenarios which are deemed dire enough by white people to vent about via facebook, twitter, therapy sessions,… Continue reading #Expatproblems


Lessons from Chinese TV

As you also know, we don't speak Mandarin. If you are a regular reader, you also know, we have cable television (when we decide to pay our bills). Why does a family, who doesn't speak Chinese, need cable television while living in China? Well, for a number of reasons. 1. There are 3 English speaking… Continue reading Lessons from Chinese TV


Shanghai is not loving us back.

I've tried writing this post almost 5 times now. At first, it was just boring. Then I got preachy, then I just got stuck - I think the professionals call it "writer's block." But I think what has really been stifling me here is Shanghai. Literally. The smog is choking our lungs and clogging our… Continue reading Shanghai is not loving us back.