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Out with the Snake and in with the Horse

As you wind down from a busy holiday season, my Chinese brethren and I are just starting to gear up to celebrate the Year of the Horse. Bright red and gold lanterns are dangling from every perch available. Little orange trees decorated with red envelops are replacing the bling-ed out Christmas trees around town and… Continue reading Out with the Snake and in with the Horse


Busy, busy, busy

I've been busy. Busy entering some expat blog contest. What's worse than a dime-a-dozen expat with a blog? A dime-a-dozen expat with a blog thinking they should win a contest! They are awarding prizes based on the number of comments made on your entry. As you can see from all the comments on this blog,… Continue reading Busy, busy, busy

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The ramblings of an uptight, politically correct mom.

Over the weekend, I happened to catch the CCTV news. I was half watching but they were running a story about the growing Chinese protests of Jimmy Kimmel - calling him racist and holding up signs that said, "genocide is not a joke." Intrigued, I did a little more research and found out that back… Continue reading The ramblings of an uptight, politically correct mom.

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How to Act

I can't believe I forgot the funniest part of the whole, potty-training-when-the-world-is-your-toilet most of these buildings, the guards who do not look at all intimidating, walk with dogs who look even less intimidating. Part of the reason, is that they (the dogs) look like old, retired farm dogs and the other reason is...wait for… Continue reading How to Act

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On Potty Training

The thought of never buying diapers and no longer contributing untold pounds of garbage to land fills appealing. But then there's the reality of actually being out in public and having to stop what we're doing to find a clean, public toilet and dealing with that whole thing. So, rather selfishly, I prefer to keep… Continue reading On Potty Training


The Slow March of Time

I don't know when my kids took their first steps. I heard that. You, with your neatly completed baby book proudly on display marking all of your baby's precious firsts, I heard you gasp just now. I'm just glad I can't see the look of horror, or pity, or disgust on your face at this… Continue reading The Slow March of Time


Living in a Haze

We're back to the land of hazy sunshine and skyscrapers. I'm told we have missed the oppressive heat but we've been back for 3 days now and the thermometer has vacillated between 78 and 93. Thank goodness for cooler weather. When we were home, it didn't really phase me that I knew exactly what was… Continue reading Living in a Haze


If a picture is worth 1000 words, what are 1000 pictures worth?

Can we all agree that what we really want to see on Facebook are pictures? You know, they tell a story without having to do all that tedious reading - like on a blog. I mean, it's fine if you just want to write some cryptic message about how you're "feeling really bummed… :(" but… Continue reading If a picture is worth 1000 words, what are 1000 pictures worth?


Happy Dragon Boat Festival

I recently read an article written by a mother exhausted from all the holidays her children were celebrating. As I remember it, she was partly exhausted by the Pinterest-ing of holiday merry-making and more generally, that things like the 100th day of school have now become A Thing. Totally justified. I think it was St.… Continue reading Happy Dragon Boat Festival


Not From Around Here

There are lots of things that happen in any given week when I think, "Really? This is normal?" And then I stop and realize I'm judging and remember this is why I like living here. The "challenge" of living in an unfamiliar place is exactly what makes it fun. But the following are observations that… Continue reading Not From Around Here