I Don’t Want to Raise Gentlemen

We were at a 3 year old’s birthday party a couple of weeks ago. There was a piñata. Although my 3 year old had never seen a piñata before, there still was a buzz of excitement when a colorful, decorated stuffed animal came into the room tied to a string. As one of the party entertainers hung… Continue reading I Don’t Want to Raise Gentlemen


Lesson Learned While Planning a 3 Year Old’s Party

I like birthdays. They are like your own personal New Year. But I don’t fancy myself a great entertainer; I find it more stressful than fun. I like small, but special, celebrations to mark another year of life lived and lessons learned. But now that my kids are school, we have been to a few… Continue reading Lesson Learned While Planning a 3 Year Old’s Party

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When your “best” could be better

A few months ago, Glennon Melton of Momastery (of which I am a big fan) posted a message about treating ourselves with grace. She wrote, “Today – when we lose our temper with the kids, when we accidentally eat that third brownie, when we don’t send that thank you card for the fortieth day in… Continue reading When your “best” could be better

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Another trip around the sun. Another year over and a new one just begun. Another year closer to the end my friends. No wait, scratch that. New Year's is supposed to be light and beginning. Refreshing and positive. Let me start again. I've been blogging for three years now. Aside from making me realize that of… Continue reading 2015


Lessons on Preschool, the Internet and Writing

When I went to pick my youngest up from school, the teacher's report included a story about their reading circle. She was reading a book about animals to the class and asked the kids what kind of animal they wanted to be. All of the kids started shouting out animals. All of the kids except for… Continue reading Lessons on Preschool, the Internet and Writing

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The Help

Having domestic help in Asia is the norm. Unlike the US, where domestic help is the stuff of sit-coms poking fun at the rich or tabloid fodder for how out of touch celebrities are with their help, in Asia, helpers can be found in any middle class home. It is part of the culture. Some… Continue reading The Help


Why do I still have “blemishes”? (And other problems that we’re supposed to outgrow)

I'm pushing 40 years old. "WHAT?!? But girl, you're so hip and so youthful and look (or I imagine you look)  sooo young," you say. I know, I know. But it's true. Forty. Years. Old. I can hardly believe it too. It's around this time people stop to take stock, to impart the lessons they've learned… Continue reading Why do I still have “blemishes”? (And other problems that we’re supposed to outgrow)

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A Moment of Living in the Moment

Besides hearing that Singapore is "Asia-light," the other most common thing people would comment about is the heat. Singapore is hot! All year long! Really hot! You don't get a break! It's the same - hot, hot, hot - all year long. Hot. "Do you think you will like that?" Wait...are we moving to the… Continue reading A Moment of Living in the Moment

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Singapore 101

So far what I've learned about Singapore comes from ridiculous amounts of trips to grocery stores and malls. But I think it was Anthony Bourdain who once said the joke about Singapore is that there is nothing to do but eat and shop. So I'm basically a local and this is what I've come to… Continue reading Singapore 101