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Big News and Deep Thoughts

We've known for a while but I guess it's time to make it official…we're moving to Singapore! My feelings on the subject vacillate between being excited to being very excited to panic. There are many things I will not miss: the pollution, worrying about how many chemicals I'm ingesting by eating an apple, the pollution,… Continue reading Big News and Deep Thoughts


I’ve been published!

That's right, an actual, legitmate website (that is not my own or someone I'm related to) is going to start publishing some of my writing. Right now, I'll be writing online articles every other week for Shanghai Family magazine. As you might have guessed, it is geared toward expat families living in Shanghai. I'm hoping maybe I… Continue reading I’ve been published!

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Feeling at home (but maybe not really) in Shanghai

I've recently been feeling simultaneously more and less Chinese. Which means I'm feeling more and less at home. Confusing, right? I've been drinking hot lemon water. I know it doesn't sound that refreshing, but do yourself a favor and try it. It's very Chinese. Your friends will think you are very Sino-chic. My Chinese friend… Continue reading Feeling at home (but maybe not really) in Shanghai

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The ramblings of an uptight, politically correct mom.

Over the weekend, I happened to catch the CCTV news. I was half watching but they were running a story about the growing Chinese protests of Jimmy Kimmel - calling him racist and holding up signs that said, "genocide is not a joke." Intrigued, I did a little more research and found out that back… Continue reading The ramblings of an uptight, politically correct mom.


The Slow March of Time

I don't know when my kids took their first steps. I heard that. You, with your neatly completed baby book proudly on display marking all of your baby's precious firsts, I heard you gasp just now. I'm just glad I can't see the look of horror, or pity, or disgust on your face at this… Continue reading The Slow March of Time


Living in a Haze

We're back to the land of hazy sunshine and skyscrapers. I'm told we have missed the oppressive heat but we've been back for 3 days now and the thermometer has vacillated between 78 and 93. Thank goodness for cooler weather. When we were home, it didn't really phase me that I knew exactly what was… Continue reading Living in a Haze