The Slow March of Time

I don't know when my kids took their first steps. I heard that. You, with your neatly completed baby book proudly on display marking all of your baby's precious firsts, I heard you gasp just now. I'm just glad I can't see the look of horror, or pity, or disgust on your face at this… Continue reading The Slow March of Time


Where You Been?

Thank you for noticing it's been a while since the last post and for your concern. We've been busy showing up at our families' houses yelling "surprise!"  I love surprises. They're like little reminders that anything is possible. Of course, "I just colored an entire wall with my crayons," surprises aren't that fun but a… Continue reading Where You Been?

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Play Dating

There are lots of things that change when you become a parent. There are all the obvious cliches - the new meaning of late nights, the new understanding of endless worry, the glamour of diapers and boogers - but there is something else. Something no one seems to talk about even though (I think) it… Continue reading Play Dating