What I Learned About Life and Motherhood When I Went Back to Work

It's helped me to see that the role of mother isn't weighted differently depending on circumstances. Having 4 kids doesn't make you more of a mother than having 1. Working at home doesn't make you more of a mother than working in an office. Presence doesn't always equal the amount of hours you are present.


Death by Legos

The Legos are going to kill me. Or someone in our family. Or all of us. My kids are 4 and almost 3. They should be playing with Duplo blocks - large, easy to manage, easy to spot. But they're not interested. They want the Legos. The itsy bitsy colorful death squares. Have you seen… Continue reading Death by Legos


Adventures in Baking with Kids

Call it a momentary lapse in judgement. Call it the rainy season. Call it crazy. But this week, the boys and I have been doing a little baking. I'm not much of a baker. They are very eager. They have had fun but for me, it kind of felt like getting doughed and floured (the less… Continue reading Adventures in Baking with Kids


How I Became a Mom Who Still Breastfeeds her Toddler

I don't fancy myself some hippie chick, though I really wish I was. I wish I made granola from scratch and mixed up my own organic deodorant. I wish I composted my garbage and my closet was filled with stylishly chic, long, flowing, flowery skirts. But alas, my cabinets are filled with canned soups, boxed… Continue reading How I Became a Mom Who Still Breastfeeds her Toddler

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You Can Never Be Too Careful

At the start of summer, an article about secondary drowning had gone viral, usually accompanied with pleas from well meaning friends to "please read. You can never be too careful." Like a good mother, I read it. A couple of weeks ago, an official from some environmental government agency and one of the guards from… Continue reading You Can Never Be Too Careful

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Have Kids Will Travel

As parents, we put our kids first. We go days without showering. We watch the same Peppa Pig episode over and over. And we sweat on the playground in the blazing sun because it makes them happy. We accept it as part of the job. When it comes time to make BIG decisions, we sometimes… Continue reading Have Kids Will Travel

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When Viruses Attack

When you first have a baby and your a saggy mess of hormones, nerves, and adrenaline, the uncertainty of what you're actually supposed to do with another human being can be overwhelming. So while well meaning friends and relatives and "been there" strangers will try to assure you there is no guidebook to parenting so… Continue reading When Viruses Attack

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Play Dating

There are lots of things that change when you become a parent. There are all the obvious cliches - the new meaning of late nights, the new understanding of endless worry, the glamour of diapers and boogers - but there is something else. Something no one seems to talk about even though (I think) it… Continue reading Play Dating


Seeking Son-in-law

We did some sightseeing over the weekend. We went to the Jing'an Temple. I suppose it's true for any place of worship in a big city, but nestled between skyscrapers and concrete, the Buddhist temple seemed a little out of place. We hopped out of the taxi in front of the "Donut King", but the… Continue reading Seeking Son-in-law