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When Viruses Attack

When you first have a baby and your a saggy mess of hormones, nerves, and adrenaline, the uncertainty of what you're actually supposed to do with another human being can be overwhelming. So while well meaning friends and relatives and "been there" strangers will try to assure you there is no guidebook to parenting so… Continue reading When Viruses Attack

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Feeling at home (but maybe not really) in Shanghai

I've recently been feeling simultaneously more and less Chinese. Which means I'm feeling more and less at home. Confusing, right? I've been drinking hot lemon water. I know it doesn't sound that refreshing, but do yourself a favor and try it. It's very Chinese. Your friends will think you are very Sino-chic. My Chinese friend… Continue reading Feeling at home (but maybe not really) in Shanghai

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The Lost Art of Communication

My parents are avid Jeopardy watchers. If there were jerseys and foam #1 fingers, they would have enough for every night of the week. So when I skimmed a US news site and came across an article about a recent Asian Jeopardy contestant labeled a villain, I read more. Apparently people find him annoying. Arrogant.… Continue reading The Lost Art of Communication

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Men in Fur Coats and Other Fun Things to See in Shanghai

I hate when people ask, "so what's it like living in Shanghai?" I suppose it's a fair question but I feel like I don't know how to answer it.   If you've ever asked (or wondered) and I've given you some equally vague response. Today is your lucky day. I'm transporting you through space and… Continue reading Men in Fur Coats and Other Fun Things to See in Shanghai

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If Toddlers Ruled the World…

Living with toddlers can sometimes feel like being at a frat party gone wrong.  Old food crumbs can be found between stained couch cushions at any time, a faint smell of urine seems to permeate from God knows where, and the floor is always just a little sticky. If you have, have had, or know… Continue reading If Toddlers Ruled the World…

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Out with the Snake and in with the Horse

As you wind down from a busy holiday season, my Chinese brethren and I are just starting to gear up to celebrate the Year of the Horse. Bright red and gold lanterns are dangling from every perch available. Little orange trees decorated with red envelops are replacing the bling-ed out Christmas trees around town and… Continue reading Out with the Snake and in with the Horse