What I Learned About Life and Motherhood When I Went Back to Work

It's helped me to see that the role of mother isn't weighted differently depending on circumstances. Having 4 kids doesn't make you more of a mother than having 1. Working at home doesn't make you more of a mother than working in an office. Presence doesn't always equal the amount of hours you are present.

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Play Dating

There are lots of things that change when you become a parent. There are all the obvious cliches - the new meaning of late nights, the new understanding of endless worry, the glamour of diapers and boogers - but there is something else. Something no one seems to talk about even though (I think) it… Continue reading Play Dating


Not From Around Here

There are lots of things that happen in any given week when I think, "Really? This is normal?" And then I stop and realize I'm judging and remember this is why I like living here. The "challenge" of living in an unfamiliar place is exactly what makes it fun. But the following are observations that… Continue reading Not From Around Here


Beautiful Bali

What is it about vacation that makes you think you could actually throw away your "real life," move to a tropical locale and live like a local? I mean, it's totally impractical and yet…sitting in your beach chair, under an umbrella with the ocean breeze gently tickling your forehead, frozen drink sweating beside you, listening… Continue reading Beautiful Bali