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The Realities of Moving

We are officially moved out of Shanghai. I'm not sure how to gauge when we are officially "moved in" to Singapore, but I'm sure it's not yet. We are currently living a hotel. A very nice hotel, but a hotel nonetheless. It gives you the feeling of being on vacation but you're not. This coupled with… Continue reading The Realities of Moving

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

This very Shanghai-centric post is my last for Shanghai Family. If you've never lived in Shanghai, you may not get some of the references (but maybe they'll entice you enough to come see our adopted home for yourself!). AND as an added bonus, a double feature! I wrote an article for Shanghai Family's print magazine and they've decided to put it… Continue reading It’s Not You, It’s Me

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Moving Lessons

We've spent the past few weeks here organizing our lives in Shanghai, in an effort to move our bodies, hearts and minds to Singapore. As with any big change, it's caused me to pause and reflect (or that's just what happens when you're living in a nearly empty apartment).  I'm not sure anything below will… Continue reading Moving Lessons

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Have Kids Will Travel

As parents, we put our kids first. We go days without showering. We watch the same Peppa Pig episode over and over. And we sweat on the playground in the blazing sun because it makes them happy. We accept it as part of the job. When it comes time to make BIG decisions, we sometimes… Continue reading Have Kids Will Travel


The Mother’s Day Post (Or, How to Lose All your Facebook Friends in 960 words or less.)

What kind of mother/daughter/blogger would I be if I let Mother's Day pass without a post, or even a mention of my mother, and all the mother's who inspire and teach and helped make me the greatest mom ever? Or a shout out to my kids to show how much I love them and what… Continue reading The Mother’s Day Post (Or, How to Lose All your Facebook Friends in 960 words or less.)

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Traveling like a Tourist

While busy entertaining our first guests, (thanks for coming Dad and "muncle" Steve!) I've been thinking about the purpose of traveling. Aren't we all a little guilty of being tourists at some points? But maybe more importantly, why should we feel guilty for being tourists anyway? Thus was my inspiration for my Shanghai Family post… Continue reading Traveling like a Tourist

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If Toddlers Ruled the World…

Living with toddlers can sometimes feel like being at a frat party gone wrong.  Old food crumbs can be found between stained couch cushions at any time, a faint smell of urine seems to permeate from God knows where, and the floor is always just a little sticky. If you have, have had, or know… Continue reading If Toddlers Ruled the World…